40 Before 40!

This page was previously entitled "Mini-Bucket List" and the idea was to do 101 things in 1001 days. Well, I honestly couldn't think of 101 things so I decided to shorten my list and call it 40 before 40! I turn 40 years old on January 25, 2013. {Wow, that's right around the corner!} So this list should be manageable! Here we go...
  1. Take my daughters to Disney World. {pending summer of 2012!!}
  2. See the Braves play at Miller Park.
  3. Visit NYC in the fall.
  4. Go somewhere fun for New Year's Eve (i.e. Las Vegas or NYC!).
  5. Attend an LTD party for Harveys seatbelt bags.
  6. Go to the movies, alone.
  7. See the midnight premiere of a movie.
  8. Pay for a stranger's coffee. {Done! Bought coffee for a police officer in the drive thru line behind me at Starbucks!!}
  9. Attend Zumba classes regularly! {Currently working on - Mondays & Thursdays!!}
  10. Get certified as a Zumba instructor. {May 28th!}
  11. Teach a Zumba class.
  12. Run a 5k.
  13. Eat better.
  14. Cook more dinners for my family.
  15. Lose those 'extra' 50lbs.
  16. Take a class on how to properly do my makeup.
  17. Clean out my closet and update my wardrobe.
  18. Buy one pair of fabulous shoes, no matter the cost!
  19. On my 40th birthday (01-25-13) write a letter to my 50-year-old self. To be opened 01-25-23.
  20. Learn how to knit - then knit a blanket!
  21. Organize scrapbook room - and keep it organized!
  22. Stop buying greeting cards - make them instead! {Only bought 2 so far this year!}
  23. Send greeting cards on a regular basis, homemade of course!
  24. Complete an entire scrapbook album - not just a bunch of layouts.
  25. Participate in a scrapbook challenge.
  26. Attend an all-day crop! {Done! April 2nd, 2011}
  27. Take Stacy Julian's Library of Memories class to help organize my photos.
  28. Create a scrapbook dedicated to martini recipes, then try them all!
  29. Create a scrapbook dedicated to cupcake recipes, then try them all!
  30. Keep a journal of the books that I have read. {Working on that on this blog!}
  31. Make a list of all the books I want to read, then read them! 
  32. Complete my Las Vegas puzzle, seal it and frame it.
  33. Organize all of the photos I have on various hard drives.
  34. Sort through my ridiculous purse collection and sell what I don't use/need!
  35. Update my scrapbook blog at least once a week.
  36. Update my family blog at least once a month.
  37. Have a family photo taken at a photography studio.
  38. ?
  39. ?
  40. ?